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Free electricity? YES! Get me started and I will talk your ear off all day and night about the benefits of getting solar panels installed at your home. We specialize in solar design, solar installation, solar maintenance on any solar panel system you can think of.

Install a Northwest Electric & Solar system for your home, business or school and receive:

  • Production incentive of up to $5,000

  • Federal Tax Credit of 30%

  • Return on your investment in as little as six years

  • PLUS, a variety of low-interest financing options are available through local cities, utility companies and credit unions.

Your solar system will be designed and installed by a licensed electrical contractor with megawatts of experience and every tool to make sure your money is working for you. Our trained professionals have the latest tools and software to make your installation clean, safe and lucrative

A solar array on your roof not only pays for itself but will continue to make you money for the 25-30 year life of the system. This is why solar is emerging everywhere. It makes sense financially. We have worked on thousands of solar projects on homes, schools, government facilities, ranches, orchards, office parks, and businesses.

You live in rainy Western Washington where you enjoy some of the lowest utility rates in the country? Not a problem. Recognizing the need to strengthen the power grid and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, the Federal Government, state lawmakers, public utilities and even some local governments have enacted programs to incentivize potential solar customers, offset start-up costs and even finance private projects.

Does solar really work in Seattle? ABSOLUTLY! There are many benefits to going solar and now is more affordable than ever before. Call today or request a free quote to see what we can do for you, or just call to talk about solar.

” I LOVE free energy!! “

Contact us today to see how easy and affordable Solar is for your home or business.

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