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Northwest Electric and Solar (NWES) wants to help you harness the power of clean energy to reduce your carbon footprint, save on energy bills, and move away from fossil fuels. Whether your project is residential or commercial, supply the details and get a solar panel installation bid in Washington State today!

Solar Energy System

Turn sunshine into electricity with a grid-tied Solar PV (Photo-Voltaic) system. Generate your own power and reduce your electric bill.

Battery Backup

Store electricity onsite in a battery storage system. During an electrical outage, backup batteries reliably power your home.

EV Charger

Fill up your electric car with clean electricity instead of fossil fuels in Washington State. Our electrical contractors will install a wall or pedestal charger for your Tesla or other plug-in electric vehicle.

Custom Electrical Work

From new construction wiring to smaller projects, we can upgrade a breaker panel, install LED lighting, or make energy efficiency changes.

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NW Electric and Solar

Every day we help people fulfill their desire to do their part to protect the planet and future generations. Throughout Washington State, Northwest Electric and Solar works with families and businesses to:


Reduce pollution emissions. Be more sustainable.


Use today's incentives to reduce your cost and lower future energy expenses.


Be part of the solution.

Be bold. Choose clean energy today.



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