3 Easy Steps to Go Solar

It is easy! Northwest Electric and Solar will walk you through the process and handle the necessary permits and paperwork.


Request Estimate: Fill out the online form and send details about your site including your electric bill. We will email you a customized Preliminary Estimate using Aurora Solar Remote Software (requiring no onsite visit) so you can begin seeing what solar can do for you and what it will cost. When we combine Aurora’s accurate remote site analysis with a customer’s utility bill, we can confidently design and quote systems from our office. You can stay safe and distant during the pandemic while we design solar system options for you and then email a proposal. If you’d like to move forward, we will then schedule an in-person site assessment, which we do with a drone and/or boots-on-the-roof measurements. With our FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot taking pictures, NWES can create a to-scale three-dimensional model of your home using Scanifly’s 3D modeling software. With accurate measuring tools, shade analysis and vegetation study capabilities we can give you the most accurate representation of your home with a solar photovoltaic system. We will answer any questions, make adjustments as needed and then email you an updated proposal and Scanifly link.


Now it’s your turn to make your decision, sign a contract, and arrange for Financing: As soon as you sign a contract and pay your 65% down-payment, we will order supplies and file for approvals (electrical permit, utility interconnection, etc). NWES “Apples to Apples” policy means if you find the same solar system and installation in Washington State elsewhere for a lower price, we will match it.


Solar Installation: Residential projects take two to three days; larger projects take longer. Our journeyman electrician needs access to the site’s main electric breaker panel. Roof work starts with roof attachments and ends with the addition of solar panels and connecting all the wiring. When complete, we test the system to make sure everything works; this is called “commissioning.” The electrical inspection usually occurs within a day or two after installation is complete. The system “goes live” when the utility puts in the two-way net meter.

Financing with a Zero-Down Loan

As a clean energy provider in Washington State, we recommend working directly with a statewide credit union. Financing is readily available from these institutions that specialize in solar, energy efficiency and EV loans for residential and, commercial projects. You can fill out the loan application online. We will provide you with the needed technical details. Upon your approval, they can send your down-payment directly to us. Secure online signatures are used. Contact the experts at PSCCU (Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union). The loan is between you and the lender.

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