Utility Net Metering (Offset Energy or Electric Bill Savings)

When you go solar, your electric bill is immediately reduced because you pull less electricity from the grid. Additionally, whenever your system generates more electricity than you are using at that moment, your excess power automatically feeds back into the grid – in essence spinning your meter backwards. The kilowatt hours (kWh) are credited to your bill for later use like that night. When you end the month with excess kWh, the credits are reported to you on your bill. Credits roll over month to month but not year to year; credits zero out on April 30 annually and a new net metering year begins.

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utility bill savings with solar energy

Net Metering is designed to allow customers to generate up to 100% of what they use over one year. Monthly minimum fees are always collected. Learn more by going to your utility’s website and search for “net metering” or “customer generation.” Some large utilities are PSE, Seattle City Light, Snopud, Pacific Power, Tacoma Power, Avista.

In Washington, today Net Metering is a one-for-one credit for each kilowatt hour. Utilities are not required to offer Net Metering to additional customers once their minimum obligation is met so customers should check first with their utility to find out if net metering is available to you. [Increasing utilities’ minimum obligation is under consideration by the lawmakers in Olympia in 2019.] 

NWES facilitates receipt of Net Metering benefits by assisting with the detailed and site specific interconnection agreement that is required for Net Metering and we design your solar system to meet utility standards and requirements so you can be confident it will be approved.

Two Meters Measure Two Different Incentives


This diagram shows the difference between the two metered incentives.


With Net Metering your electricity bill goes down (avoided cost of electricity) because solar electricity is meeting your needs. Furthermore your excess power earns bill credits to bring down your bill at a later date.


In RESIP, the State Incentive Program, you earn a payment for every kilowatt hour generated by solar as measured on a Production Meter for 8 years or until you earn back 50% of your cost, whichever occurs first. NOTE: unless or until new state funds are allocated to this program, payments to new applicants are not guaranteed. 

utility bill savings with solar energy


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