WA State Sales Tax Exemption

As of July 1, 2019 the purchase and installation of a solar system in Washington (size 1 KW to 100 KW) is exempt from state sales tax. Customers are not required to pay sales tax at the time of installation. This incentive was passed by the state legislature to support the continued growth of clean renewable electricity in our state. Installation must be completed by Dec. 31, 2029 to qualify for the sales and use tax exemption.

For systems larger than 100 KW, a partial or full sales tax rebate is available within parameters governed by CETA, the Clean Energy Transformation Act E2SSB 5116 (sections 18 and 19, Chapter 288, Laws of 2019) for further details). Learn more on the State Dept of Revenue website.

Why go solar? Solar systems are long lasting, they will produce clean electricity for 30+ years.

WA State Renewable Energy System Incentive Program (RESIP) – no longer accepting applicants

RESIP was enacted by the Washington State Legislature in July 2017 as the Solar Jobs Bill, SB 5939. Although RESIP was designed to help consumers go solar over a 4 year period (2018 through 2021), it was so popular that state funds were obligated before the end of the second year. It is no longer accepting applications. Contact WSU Energy Program if you have questions. If your solar system was certified to receive the RESIP incentive, this page explains how it works.

The cost of going solar continues to fall. If you are curious about what solar will do for you, get a free estimate today. 

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