WA State Renewable Energy System Incentive Program (RESIP) – no longer accepting applicants

Although RESIP was designed to help consumers go solar over a 4 year period (2018 through 2021), it was so popular that funds were obligated before the end of the second year. Contact WSU Energy Program if you have questions. 

Even without RESIP, the cost of going solar continues to fall. If you are curious about what solar will do for you, get a free estimate today. 

In July 2017, the Washington State Legislature passed the Solar Jobs Bill, SB 5939 creating RESIP, the Renewable Energy System Incentive Program. It is administered by the WSU Energy Program in Olympia. The goal was to spur continued adoption of clean energy while preserving and growing jobs in renewable energy. It rewarded four categories of solar system owners with an annual payment for each kilowatt hour (kWh) the solar system produces as measured on a Production Meter.

The state legislature capped total incentive program funding and the maximum has been obligated for residential and commercial size systems. Utility participation is voluntary and not all utilities participate. Learn more at the WSU Energy Program website which also explains the caps on each utility.

During the 2020 state legislative session, an incentive was considered to advance community solar projects that benefit low income customers or residents, but funding for the incentive was vetoed as part of a broad pandemic response to reduce new future spending by state government. 

If your solar system was installed after September 30, 2017 AND it was certified by WSU Energy Program, then the following program description applies to you:


Payment year is the state’s fiscal year of July 1 through June 30.


Annual Payment is made to you through your utility.


Payment rate is based on system size, Made in WA content, date inspected and utility participation. [See chart below.]


Maximum annual payment for residential is $5,000/year and for commercial is $25,000/year. 


Payment is made annually until you earn back 50% of the solar system cost or for 8 years (92 months), whichever occurs first.

WA State Renewable Energy System Incentive Program

Residential size is 1 to 12 kW (regardless of type of facility). Commercial size is over 12 kW. A bonus is paid for using Made in Washington solar panels. Shared Commercial and Community Solar are systems with more than one owner and the location’s utility must be involved in the planning and bill credits.

Example System: 10 KW solar that generates 11,000 kWh/year using Made in WA solar modules and installed during year one of the program would earn $.21/kwh which would be  $2,310 for a whole year.



System Certified by: Base Rate: Residential or Community Solar (per KWH) Base Rate: Commercial or Shared Commercial Solar (per KWH) Bonus for Modules (solar panels) Made in WA
6-30-2018 $.16 $.06 $.05
6-30-2019 $.14 $.04 $.04

Two Meters Measure Two Different Incentives


This diagram shows the difference between the two metered incentives.


With Net Metering your electricity bill goes down (avoided cost of electricity) because solar electricity is meeting your needs. Furthermore your excess power earns bill credits to bring down your bill at a later date.


In RESIP, the State Incentive Program, you earn a payment for every kilowatt hour generated by solar as measured on a Production Meter for 8 years or until you earn back 50% of your cost, whichever occurs first. NOTE: this program is no longer certifying new installations to receive payments. We are publishing details about how the program works for the benefit of those who got in before it ran out of funds. 

WA State Renewable Energy System Incentive Program


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