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The sun’s energy is powerful. PV (photovoltaic) modules turn sunshine into electricity. Rooftops andfields full of solar panels are turning up all over the place. Because a solar system will last for 25, 30, 35 years or more, solar is an excellent source of clean energy.

Solar power is not only one of the most abundant and cleanest forms of energy but it also makes financial sense. Learn more about the excellent federal, state and utility incentives that help you recoup your upfront cost. And, we work with several local lenders who offer solar-specific, zero-down loans.

Based in Kenmore on the north end of Lake Washington, Northwest Electric and Solar (NWES) installs solar throughout Washington State. Hundreds of satisfied customers reside in the Puget Sound region as well as from the Olympic Peninsula to the Inland Empire. When you hire Northwest Electric and Solar, you can rest assured your system will be installed by the most experienced, professional and diligent team in Washington:

• NWES installers are licensed electricians with added training specifically in solar power

• We use the latest software, tools, and methods to accurately assess your site and recommend the best options according to your needs and goals

• All costs are included in a single lump sum price. There are no hidden costs. Sales tax, permits, utility approvals and fees, registration fees, etc. are all taken care of by NWES

• NWES stands by its work with the best warranty package in the industry, covering workmanship, replacement, and yield.

About Incentives

1. Federal Incentive: 30% of the total cost of the solar system is returned to the buyer on their

income taxes.

2. State Incentive: When a home or business owner goes solar, a new meter is added. It measures all the solar electricity produced by the solar system. A payment is made once a year for up to a maximum of 8 years or until 50% of the total system cost is earned back, whichever occurs first. The per year maximum is $5000 for residential systems (1 to 12 kW in size) or $25,000 for commercial solar systems (over 12 kW in size). Limits exist for each utility as well as an overall program cost cap. WSU Energy Program is administrator and their website shows progress to caps and describes the program.

3. Utility Incentive: When a solar system is installed, it’s electricity replaces electricity previously

supplied by the utility during the daytime. Additionally, whenever the solar system generates

more power than the building is using, the excess power goes to the utility and the customer

receives a retail rate credit. The credits are then available to use at a later time (like a cold

winter night). Once a year on the credits and debits are zeroed out and a new year starts. This 1 for 1 crediting system is called net metering.

Parts of a Solar System:

The basic components of a solar system are the solar panels, inverter (because the solar panels generate DC power then an inverter is needed to convert DC to AC for use in the building and connecting to the grid), racking system to hold the panels to the roof, junction boxes and wiring to feed the electricity into the building’s main breaker panel for distribution and use onsite and to send excess to the gird. Electricity produced by solar is automatically used throughout the building. An optional added components is the Tesla Powerwall battery for backup power.

Customized Design Just For You

It is our job to design the best options for your location and to give you as much power as possible given the space available at your site. We take into consideration your typical use of electricity (kWh/year), any future uses you may add or energy efficiency upgrades you’ll make to reduce your usage, and then we usually give you four options to choose from.

NWES Proposal

In each proposal, we describe the specific high quality equipment we recommend, the size of the solar system and how much electricity it is expected to generate in kWh/year, a cash flow chart illustrating earnings over time, and a drawing of the solar on your rooftop. Warranties include 25 year power output warranty on solar modules, 12 or 25 year warranty on inverter (depends on brand and style), and our own 10 year workmanship warranty.

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