Combine and Save. Installing EV charging at the same time as solar an help you maximize energy efficiency for your household and your EV while saving hundreds of dollars in added electrical work for installing electric vehicle charging separately.


Drive on Sunshine. When you have the solaredge EV charger installed as part of a solar system, you get the option to charge up your vehicle directly from sunshine during daylight hours. With solar+ solaredge + sunshine, you avoid utility costs for the electricity your car needs. And, your solar electricity is “clean” (fossil fuel free).

Faster Charging. Compared to a standard wall outlet, the solaredge level 2 charger recharges your vehicle up to 7x faster. Works with all EVs.

One Convenient App. Keep track of energy generated and used with a solitary cell phone app for both your solar and your EV.

IF you have an existing solar system with SolarEdge Inverter, adding a SolarEdge EV Charger gives you direct access to the solar electricity for your car.

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If you own a battery-ready SolarEdge inverter, NWES can install the LG Chem RESU backup battery to power your home in the event of a power outage or to further reduce your reliance on electricity from your electric utility.

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YOUR UTILITY may offer incentives for EV Charging at home – in addition to the federal and state incentives. 

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